Opening ceremony of the new facility ? Kujawska Grupa Producentów Warzywa Groblewskich?s vegetable storage hall


Kujawska Grupa Producentów Warzywa Groblewskich Sp. z o.o. is a group of producers managing 800 ha of agricultural land, including 400 ha of the area for vegetable cultivation.

The members of the group have been growing vegetables in the Kujawska Land for years. The land is particularly valuable due to its fertility and agricultural culture better than in other regions of Poland.

The region of Kujawy stood out in Poland already 20 years ago, through the larger number of individual farms as regards both their area and the production size.
The EU funds enabled the Group to build a modern vegetable storage hall of  35 000 m2  area with the full equipment and infrastructure. The cost of this investment was 120 mln PLN. All investments have been subject to 75%  European Union co-financing. The priority of the EU agricultural policy was to provide assistance to production groups and therefore we were able to gain such a support. 

The facility which is now being opened guarantees long term storage of fresh vegetables and their permanent availability in the market, without significant storage losses. Previously the vegetables were traditionally clamped or stored in buildings not adapted for this purpose.

The storage hall is equipped with vegetable cleaning, sorting, washing and packaging lines. The production lines? capacity is 20 000 tons of vegetables in aggregate.

The new investment means also new workplaces. At present the company permanently employs 10 employees and is planning an increase in the employment to 50 persons. Furthermore, there is also work for seasonal workers at picking and preparing vegetables.


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