About us


Kujawska Grupa Producentów Warzywa Groblewskich was established in 2007. The Group consists of five members and is a family group. Its members have been dealing in vegetable cultivation  for about 30 years and thus they have extensive experience in their production.

In aggregate the group owns more than 2000 ha of agricultural land, including 400 ha of  the area for vegetable cultivation. The entire 400 ha are under an irrigation system. The group owns a storage base for 4 thousand tons in Balczewo, gmina Inowrocław and a storage base for 20 thousand tons in Lipie, gmina Gniewkowo. Since 2010 the group has had full capabilities of sorting and packaging vegetables dependent upon the order.

Currently the group specializes in the cultivation of: onions, carrots, cauliflowers, broccoli, string beans and green beans. Other vegetables are grown on request. The production is run both for the national and the European Union market.

Our experience and the high quality of grown vegetables resulted in cooperation with such companies as: Bonduelle, Tymbark, Oerlemans, Victoria Cymes. The group has a modern equipment for sowing and planting, cultivating and harvesting vegetables. Furthermore, the members of the group grow corn, potatoes and  produce qualified seed grain. They also run the production of milk and raise beef cattle.


Certyfik Global G.A.P. [PDF]

From the very beginning of the company?s operation we have put an emphasis on dynamic development. In the following years we have achieved:

2009 rok

  • Expansion of the vegetable storage hall in Balczewo, 
  • Building a complex of vegetable storage halls in Lipie (for 600 tons),
  • Launching a production line equipped with systems for vegetables cleaning, sorting and packaging,
  • Launching technological lines for drypacking

2010 rok

  • Increase in production through the production and market sale of our own products to retail customers,
  • Production specialization,
  • Production packaging,
  • Packaging vegetables, mainly onions and carrots,
  • Increase in the production of the seed crop seeds (by 300 ha a year),
  • Increase in the production of the sugar beet (by 100 ha a year)e