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Ribbed celery


Ribbed celery originates from the wild growing Eurasian celery and is said to be one of the oldest vegetables in the world. It was mentioned, among other things, in the notes of ancient Egyptians and Greeks, who considered it to be a magical and nerve-soothing plant. In folk medicine the celery seeds were used as a cure for flatulence and indigestion, as well as a diuretic agent

At present the ribbed celery is popular in America, especially among film stars, who start the day with a glass of celery juice (mixed with apple juice and drunk on an empty stomach). Such a juice has purifying properties, moisturizes the skin and makes it silky smooth, removes swelling and protects it against free radicals. The ribbed celery owes these special characteristics to the large doses of vitamin C and B-group vitamins, vitamin E and PP, as well as the folic acid. Celery contains the largest amount of phosphorus among all root vegetables, but it is also a source of calcium, zink, potassium, magnesium and iron.

Ribbed celery is also recommended to people who have no appetite. The essential oil which it contains stimulates the digestion processes and increases appetite, eliminating constipation alongside. The vegetable should be eaten by people who were diagnosed with insufficient production of bile, stomach hyperacidity, stomach cancer, hypertension, kidneys disorders, arthritis, rheumatism, asthma and bronchitis.

It is worth paying attention to the essential oil present in the celery. It has been proven that its properties soothe the central nervous system. The components of the oil also have anticonvulsant properties. It is believed that a glass of celery juice mixed with carrot juice a day can cure the shattered nerves.

Nutritional value:

Ribbed celery, just like vegetables, has few calories. 100 g of the vegetable provides merely 13 kcal, since it is composed of  94% water. However, the American, fascinated with the celery, discovered as many as 86 valuable components in this vegetable.
Ribbed celery positively influences sexual drive, too, and thus it is ranked among aphrodisiacs. It is a perfect element of salads and soups.